#mtbos Book Club! Danny Martin edition

Hey folks,

Yes, yes, I’ve been terrible and I haven’t posted or made any decisions, but school is out, and here I go.

The next book is Jacqueline Leonard & Danny Martin’s The Brilliance of Black Children in Mathematics.

It’s not cheap ($41 on amazon, $39 from the publisher), but Danny Martin is THE PERSON YOU NEED RIGHT NOW. I can only assume Jacqueline Leonard is equally astonishingly mind-altering.

We would like to do something slightly different for this book. A means to testing whether we can get deeper conversations in a different format. Maybe it will work, maybe not. Here is the plan:

  1. Post a blog reflecting on the book as you are about half way through BY JUNE 30TH.
  2. Respond to other folks blogs on that “half way” point. By JULY 7TH
  3. Post a blog when you are done with the book. BY JULY 31ST
  4. Respond to other folks blogs when they are done. BY AUGUST 7TH

EVERYBODY’S welcome, and we would love to see even more participation. Please comment or dm me if you have questions.

Author: Ms. P

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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