Book Club!!! It’s free and you’re invited #mtbos

I’m starting a book club. You’re invited! I’m so excited for you to join me! The theme of the book club is going to be learning about and addressing race, equity, and math class.

The first books are:




The Dates (for Twitter chats)

Black Stats: Thursday, October 5th… 7pm CST

Weapons of Math Destruction: Saturday, November 11th… 4pm

(As it turns out, I think I’m actually starting TWO book clubs. We’re talking in person about Weapons of Math Destruction in Minneapolis on November 11th, 2 pm at Urban Brewery, and as long as I’m doing that, I can host a twitter chat on it!)

Dates for twitter chats (these are super negotiable and arbitrarily chosen, I’ll do lots of twitter and blog reminding as we get close)

The Why & How

As it turns out, all of our students are affected by the events in this country, and while I (clearly) love reading tweets and blogs about this, I need to do some thoughtful, long term learning and thinking around race and equity. I don’t know enough, and I have a responsibility to learn more. So do you. And if I’m accountable to others to have read a book, I’m way more likely to put down twitter and read.

Here’s how you can join:

1) Read the book.

2) As you read, write down questions you have or mark down sections of the book you want to discuss. Send those to me or just bring them to the twitter chat.

3) Join a Twitter chat or respond to the blog posts about the books. I will commit to blogging at least once about the book, and I will “host” a twitter chat. I’ve never done that, but I bet I can figure it out.

I would love for you to participate in ALL of these, but if you don’t, then guess what? I’ll never know. It’s a choose your own adventure. If you don’t want to talk right away, feel free to lurk on the chats, and just let this be a call to reading books. If you want to go all in, message me and help me figure out how to host the chat.

We have a responsibility to address the systemic racism in our country. I do especially because I am a white woman who has benefitted from these systems, and gosh darn it, dismantling these systems is my responsibility. To do that, I need to know more.

H/t Marian Dingle and Brittney Packnett for book suggestions.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions all super appreciated!

Author: Ms. P

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

10 thoughts on “Book Club!!! It’s free and you’re invited #mtbos”

  1. So excited to be a part of this! I just finished the O’Neil book after TMC. Sooo good; sooo disturbing. I look forward to talking with others about it. Thanks again for putting this together!


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