#MathArtChallenge Day 61: Hilbert Curve

The challenge: Create a Hilbert curve.

Materials needed: Paper and pencil. Grid paper is helpful.

And here’s a neat extension from Vincent Panteloni:

#MathArtChallenge Day 60: Triangle Incenters ala Matt Henderson

The Challenge: Create your own version of Matt Henderson’s triangle incenters.

Materials needed: Paper? Pencil?

I decided the easiest way to re-create this was by folding it – as folding angle bisectors is a fairly doable and learnable task.

#MathArtChallenge Day 59: Cellular Automata

The Challenge: Using rules from the “above row”, create a new row below.

Materials needed: grid (can be home made!) paper, pencil/pen.


To make, create a set of “rules” for yourself. Here, you can see that I assigned each pair of adjacent squares a color for the square below. So in the top left, BlackBlack(BB) yields Black, BW yields white, WB yields B, and WW yields W. I then just followed that pattern down.

For all 6 of my images, I started with the same top row (arbitrarily chosen by flipping coins)


But I applied all six of the “4 choose 2” rule options where there were 2 black and 2 white squares resulting. You could definitely play with a 3-1 result, too.

I found it delightful to see the different results.

You could also create a full rectangle by using the far left and far right squares (imagine taking the left/right sides and folding into a cylinder), or you could do this on a hexagon grid, too!

Would love to see anything you create!

And here’s where I got the idea. Thanks, Bowman!

#MathArtChallenge Day 58: The Miura Fold

The Challenge: Fold a Miura fold. This was used on the Japanese “Space Flyer Unit” launched in 1995! (That website also has decent instructions.)

Materials needed: Patience, paper, some sort of pen/flat thing to sharpen creases.

A note before (more) instructions:

And an instructional video. Feel free to add other instructional videos in the comments! As always, I would LOVE to see anything you make. Post on twitter or instagram with #mathartchallenge.

#MathArtChallenge 57: Islamic Geometry – Sheikh Zayed Masjid

The Challenge: I’m seeing the trees start blossoming around here (MN) so this felt like a good time for this one. I used Samira Mian‘s instructions. If you’re interested in Islamic Geometry, I cannot recommend her enough. Here is my creation, followed by her youtube video.

Materials required: Compass, straight edge, pencil.


Day57 MAC Islamic Flower

#MathArtChallenge Day 56: Hyperbolic Crochet (all credit to Daina Taimina)

The Challenge: Crochet your very own Hyperbolic Plane (or Pseudosphere?)

Materials Needed: Crochet hook, yarn.

You do not need to be particularly good at crochet. If you can crochet the most basic stitches (chain and single crochet), you can make this.

Hyperbolic Crochet is the brain child of Daina Taimina. Please check out her blog here: http://hyperbolic-crochet.blogspot.com/. She’s written a beautiful book: Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes that I highly recommend. All of my work below is directly as a result of her.

And if you’re teaching exponentials….

#MathArtChallenge Day 55: Hyperboloid (George Hart & Elisabeth Heathfield)

The Challenge: Build your own Hyperboloid

Materials needed: Skewers, Tiny rubber bands (I was able to get skewers at the grocery store and polybands from Target)

This is one of many brilliant things at Makingmathvisible.com/workshops

Directions are here: http://makingmathvisible.com/Hyperboloid/Hyperboloid.html

I’ll definitely be using some of their other stuff, in days to come, but you can play whenever you like!