Mathematician Project

Do you have mathematicians you’d like to add? Please fill out this google form and I’ll periodically add to this list! 

What is the Mathematicians Project?

The Short Version:

  • We as math teachers tend to only talk about white male mathematicians.
  • Most of my students don’t look like that, and thus, they have few mathematical role models they can identify with.
  • Take 10-15 minutes a week to research (read Wikipedia, that’s all you need) a not-old-dead-white-dude mathematician, and then take 5 minutes in class to tell your students about them.  Include a picture. It’s worth it, I swear.

Here is the presentation from NCTM Regionals in Chicago

Here is a SEARCHABLE SPREADSHEET LIST of mathematicians

Explanatory Blogs

I’ve blogged at MTMS about this project in far more detail than I have here. Check out those four posts below.

Post #1 The Mathematician Project

Post #2 How to Enact the Mathematician Project 

Post #3 What I Learned About My Students

Post #4 Extensions of the Mathematician Project

For the super excited, you can read the paper I wrote about the project below.

Mathematicians Paper

List of Mathematicians (Or use this spreadsheet)

Men (alphabetical by last name)

Women (alphabetical by last name)

This book is a great resource for many of these women.

Trans Mathematicians

But Brian (on twitter @_b_p and blogging at has made some excellent printable posters to put up and he’s been kind enough to share them here! What a nice guy!


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