#MathArtChallenge Day 48: Squidge’s Challenge


The Challenge:

Materials Needed: Paper, pencil, colors
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, counting, geometry, lines, vertices/intersections

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#MathArtChallenge Day 45: The Lotfallah Mosque Dome

The Challenge: With a compass or with tech like Geogebra or Desmos Geometry, to recreate the Lotfallah Mosque Dome design.

Materials Needed: compass, straight edge, colors. You could also use graphing software for this.
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, circles, geometric construction, geometry, Islamic geometry, lines, polygons, proportions/ratios, symmetry, vertices/intersections

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#MathArtChallenge Day 36: Islamic Geometry 10 Point Star

A 10-point geometric rosette.

The Challenge: To create this star.

Materials Needed: In an ideal world, you have a compass and ruler, but sans compass, you just need to do your best to divide a circle into 10 equal pieces.
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, geometric construction, geometry, islamic geometry, lines, vertices/intersections

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#MathArtChallenge Day 34: Similar Right Triangle Patterns.

The Challenge: Create a large number of similar right triangles using the technique described in this video from Mark Kaercher. Then play!

Materials Needed: Scissors, paper, ruler?
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge:  angles, geometry, lines, polygons, proportions/ratios

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#MathArtChallenge Day 32: Megan’s Spirals

A spiral created by connecting sequence values on a spiral chart of 1089 numbers.

The Challenge: Color a spiral of numbers. Or 3. Or fifty. (This one gets quite addictive.)

Materials Needed: A spiral chart. Two pdf versions are shown below.
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: algebra, arithmetic, counting, functions, lines, sequences, symmetry

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#MathArtChallenge Day 24: Polygon Midpoints

2020-04-08 08.13.50
4 polygons with multiple iterations of midpoints connected inside the shape.

The Challenge: Draw a polygon. Then mark the midpoint of each side. Connect the midpoints of each side to make a new polygon. Repeat. (Don’t sleep on the quadrilaterals here. They do something rather surprising and beautiful!)

Materials Needed: Paper & pencil or online graphing software like Geogebra or Desmos
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, fractals, functions, geometry, lines, polygons, proportions/ratios, slope symmetry, vertices/intersections.

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#MathArtChallenge Day 21: Agra Fort Islamic Design

Day21 MAC still
A green lattice design with clearly visible pencil marks from a compass behind them.

The Challenge : Create this design from the Agra Fort.

Materials Needed: If you have a compass, use this tutorial from Samira Mian. If you do not have a compass, you can use my instructions for making this from a regular grid below that.
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, geometric construction, lines, polygons, symmetry, tesselations, vertices/intersections

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#MathArtChallenge Day 7: Cardioids!

Day7 MAC Cardiod
4 different cardioids created using different ratios

The Challenge: Create cardioid images by marking the circumference of a circle with equally spaced tick marks, then connecting them at various ratios.

Materials Needed: Paper, circle to trace (yogurt or oatmeal lid?), writing utensil, straight edge (doesn’t have to be a ruler, could just be a piece of cardboard cut straight or any other number of things.
Math Concepts: sequences, modular arithmetic, angles, geometric construction, ratios, circles, functions, vertices/intersections

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#MathArtChallenge Day 3: Isometric Cube Cutouts

Day3 MAC
Purple 3D looking cube with instructions for how to draw

The Challenge: Draw a cube by connecting 3 rhombi (see below). Then use lines parallel to those of the rhombi to embellish the cube.

Materials Needed: writing surface, writing utensil, straight edge, colors
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: geometric construction, isometric grids, lines, perspective, polygons, polyhedra, topology, vertices/intersections

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#MathArtChallenge Day 1: Tons of triangles

Day1 MAC
A sketch of many connected triangles, 7 per vertex. The triangles radiate out from the center, and begin bunching together at the edges as they’re no more space for the growing number of triangles.

The Challenge: Draw as many connected triangles as you can. Goal is to have as many vertices with 7 triangles as possible.

Materials Required: Writing surface, writing utensil
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, counting, exponents, fractals, functions (exponential), triangles, geometry, graph theory, hyperbolic geometry, lines, polygons, sequences, intersections/vertices

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