#MathArtChallenge Day 14: Hitomezashi stitching (Suggested by Katherine Seaton)

The #MathArtChallenge is just a fun, simple way to engage our brains during this time of unease. All tasks are low tech: paper, pencil, maybe string. Nothing fancy. I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Post on social media with the hashtag #MathArtChallenge!

Thanks to Katherine Seaton for sharing this idea!

THE CHALLENGE: Using grid paper, assign each row/column a 0 or a 1. Then “stitch” both ways. You could assign the 0s and 1s as you prefer, or with a coin, or you could code something in binary!

MATERIALS NEEDED: Grid/dot paper (You can print some or make some without too much trouble), or if you have the stitching materials…

Here’s a brilliant long form tutorial from Neil Butler, if that helps!

And here is a brilliant way for you to adapt this to teach experimental probability: