#MathArtChallenge Day 29: Paper Roll Polyhedra

2020-04-12 14.40.31And now is a great time to explore some polyhedra if you haven’t yet done so! Here are some websites shared by Mark Kaercher that are great.

The Challenge: Make your very own paper roll polyhedra. All inspired by this tweet from Mr. Allan shared by Clarissa Grandi

Materials Needed: Paper rolls. Can be toilet paper or paper towel rolls or you can make your own!
Math concepts you could explore with this challenge: angles, geometry, polygons, polyhedra, symmetry, vertices/intersections



Depending on how you use this activity, you may engage with different mathematical standards. I’ve listed possible connected math content above. Here are a few suggestions for how you might integrate the 8 mathematical practices. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

5.) Use appropriate tools strategically. You may have to play with several different types of materials to succeed at this. Perhaps you need to adjust the width of your paper strips. Perhaps you need a thicker or thinner material.

7.) Look for and make use of structure. How can you make use of the fact that the platonic solids each have uniform faces and vertices?

Author: Ms. P

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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