#MathArtChallenge Day 25: Tessellations

The #MathArtChallenge is just a fun, simple way to engage our brains during this time of unease. All tasks are low tech: paper, pencil, maybe string. Nothing fancy. I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Post on social media with the hashtag #MathArtChallenge!

THE CHALLENGE: Great your very own tessellation from a small piece of cardboard.

  1. Start with a square (Cereal or pop box cardboard works great) Mine was 2”x2”
  2. Cut a piece from one side and tape it to an adjacent side.
  3. Repeat for remaining 2 edges.
  4. Trace!

MATERIALS NEEDED: Pencil, paper, and cardboard from a cereal box or a pop box or something similarly thin but stiff enough to trace.

Author: Annie Perkins

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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