#MathArtChallenge Day 5: Probability designs!

The #MathArtChallenge is just a fun, simple way to engage our brains during this time of unease. All tasks are low tech: paper, pencil, maybe string. Nothing fancy. I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Post on social media with the hashtag #MathArtChallenge!

THE CHALLENGE: Use something like a die or a coin to get random outputs. The probabilities don’t need to be equally spread! Assign a design to each output, and then get to designing. I have two examples for you below.

Huge thanks to Emily Lynch Victory for the inspiration for this challenge. She’s a fantastic mathematical artist that I met a few years ago at a math teacher conference, who had a piece like (but far superior!) to my first one below.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Honestly, whatever you want. There are endless possibilities on this one.

Example 1: Roll a die, design a grid!

I assigned a design to each of the 6 outputs of a regular die, and then rolled the die to figure out how I should color in a 6×6 grid.

Day5 MAC

Example 2: Crochet!

Here I flipped 2 coins and assigned each of the permutations a type of crochet stitch. I made each row 10 stitches long, and switched stitches each row. In the end, I made it into a möbius strip, because that’s just cooler.

HH: single crochet

HT: half double rochet

TH: double crochet

TT: Triple crochet

Author: Annie Perkins

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

11 thoughts on “#MathArtChallenge Day 5: Probability designs!”

  1. Doing this with my math classes this week. It’s the last week of Zoom classes for the school year so, I thought I would make it fun!


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