Fall #mtbosBook Club: #ClearTheAir

Hey friends! My apologies for leaving this so long. I freely admit I’ve been soaking up every last minute of summer.

I fully intend to continue with the #mtbos book club this year, although the format of it may change slightly. For example, it’s been suggested that we do a “book club” using the Netflix documentary The 13th, which I fully intend to make happen. I also have not yet finished the summer book The Brilliance of a Black Children in Mathematics, and that book deserves to be properly finished. I intend to do so and get all those blog posts up over the next months.

For right now, though, I need to accept that I have little to no extra time outside school (new course and 1st student teacher!). I’d also like to spend time learning from the pros. So I am going to participate in the already established #ClearTheAir talk, on White Fragility. Please join me!

Val Brown does extraordinary work, and I’ve been lurking on these chats. They’ll be worth your while. Here’s the schedule:



Not sure if you want to dip your toes in? I just listened to an extraordinary podcast that might whet your appetite on the book.

And a final note, I’ll be posting late this week, as I have a Math on a Stick shift during the chat, but I’ll still read and post!

Author: Ms. P

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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