Supply List – Islamic Art

This is primarily for the sake of my TMC session attendees, but if anyone else likes, here you are.

supply image

  1. Pencil case – I made my own from this pattern. Most people are probably not as picky as me but I love mine.
  2. Erasers – I use the Mono erasers for fine work. There’s a rectangle and a circle tip it’s way more useful than I thought originally. Great for erasing mistake lines & prepping weave work.
  3. Pencils – Pencils with “H” in them are harder, stay sharp longer, and draw lightly. 3H is lighter and harder than H. Pencils with “B” in them are softer and draw darker. They need sharpening more often. Pick whatever you want. I use tombow and  staedler pencils a lot and a range is nice so you can use darker pencils to highlight things you’re working on.
  4. Mechanical Pencils – this is new for me, but these are way more precise than sharpener pencils. I currently have a 0.3 and a 0.5 with a couple different lead hardnesses. My current ones are Alvin’s, but I can’t say that’s more or less wonderful than others because they’re so new to me.
  5. Markers – I love prismacolor markers, but they’re expensive. This set is nice though and is less than $20. I also use a lot of grey markers – this set is reasonable.
  6. Pen Sketcher’s Book/Hot Press watercolor paper – My personal favorite type of paper is the Pen Sketcher’s pad, but that’s because I like markers. If you also like markers, that’s great and I suggest this. If you don’t, you’re on your own. I also use watercolor paper, and try to use hot press paper because it’s less textured and is nicer to my markers.
  7. Pens – I like prismacolor pens. Specfically this set. Mostly use them for outlining and hard edges.
  8. White pens – This is strictly used by me to fix really dumb mistakes. Occasionally helpful, never ideal.
  9. rulers – I love these rulers. 12×2 inch  6×1 inch I have multiple of each. (Just because I lose them a lot.)


10. If you have sharpening pencils, get a decent pencil sharpener. Many options are great.

11. Compass – I like this one.

12. Regular erasers. There are lots of good choices, but my experience is that anything red is terrible.

Here’s Megan’s list:


Megan’s go to page by Joumana Medlej

Annie’s go to page by Samira Mian (You can also get links to her online courses there.)

The Ferzokah Jaali on desmos geometry

Two articles on coloring in Islamic Art (found by Stephen)

This book is an EXCELLENT resource. I got it from my library, but will likely end up purchasing it myself.

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Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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