Resources from the #mtbos on Diverse Mathematicians

I am not the only person doing the Mathematicians Project or some other version of it. I frequently get tagged by people on twitter doing similar things, and I’m going to house those here for you all to use.

Brian @_b_p has a mathematician per unit and blogged about it here.

Sean Corey @mrcoreymath introduces diverse mathematicians with content and blogged about it here. He also has a trove of posters for you in this handy google folder!

The website lathisms is a gosh darn treasure trove of Latin@s in mathematics (h/t to @lizlehtola for pointing it out!)

Joe Howard @probsolverchann also has posters for his classroom, you can see them here!

I will continue to update this: trying to get it out there since school is starting for folk! Please please add anything I’m missing in the comments, and I’ll add it up here, too!

Author: Ms. P

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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