Resources from the #mtbos on Diverse Mathematicians

I am not the only person doing the Mathematicians Project or some other version of it. I frequently get tagged by people on twitter doing similar things, and I’m going to house those here for you all to use.

Brian @_b_p has a mathematician per unit and blogged about it here.

Sean Corey @mrcoreymath introduces diverse mathematicians with content and blogged about it here. He also has a trove of posters for you in this handy google folder!

The website lathisms is a gosh darn treasure trove of Latin@s in mathematics (h/t to @lizlehtola for pointing it out!)

Joe Howard @probsolverchann also has posters for his classroom, you can see them here!

I will continue to update this: trying to get it out there since school is starting for folk! Please please add anything I’m missing in the comments, and I’ll add it up here, too!

One thought on “Resources from the #mtbos on Diverse Mathematicians

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