Geometry! Social Justice! MCTM Follow Up! You’re Invited!

UPDATE! Here are the resources from our session!

Also, we’re doing a follow up book club on Weapons of Math Destruction 


geo soc just

What’s an equitable classroom? How do we make lessons with equity focus? Have answers? Want answers? Join us! It’s free!

At the Minnesota Council of Teacher of Mathematics (MCTM) spring conference, Jonathan Osters, Chris Robinson and I hosted a session titled: Designing Geometry for Equity and in 13 days, we’re going to follow up on that with a day long working group at Blake school. You’re invited! We want you to come! Because how on earth could we steal your ideas otherwise?!

If you’re unconvinced, you can peruse our MCTM Presentation, or chat with us on twitter (Annie, Chris, Jonathan) or in the comments below.

If you know you’re definitely coming, do us a favor and fill out this quick RSVP. If you don’t fill it out, you can still come! We’re just getting an idea of how many folk we can expect.

Bring money for or just bring your own lunch.

The room is L03. Walk in the door, sign in, say you’re a math teacher, and join us! 

Author: Ms. P

Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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