Hidden Figures – Info for Teachers

Hidden Figures comes out today. I haven’t seen it, but I fully expect it to become my new favorite movie. I have a ticket for 4:15 this afternoon. It was the soonest I could possibly make it.

The bite sized version is this: You know John Glenn because he’s a famous hero – I certainly don’t want to discount his achievement as being the first American to circle the globe in space, but he was only able to do it because of KATHERINE JOHNSON AND THE BLACK FEMALE COMPUTERS AT NASA. 

You should learn about them. Then you should talk to your students about them so they can also learn about them. You should read this book.


Here are some resources to help you learn more about this if you don’t have time for the book. Also, go see the movie.

NASA Resources h/t Norma Gordon

Popular Mechanic’s The True Story of ‘Hidden Figures’ and the Women Who Crunched the Numbers for NASA

NPR’s The Hidden Figures Who Crunched the Numbers in the Space Race

NY Magazine’s The Hidden Black Women Who Helped Win the Space Race

About Katherine  Johnson

About Dorothy Vaughan

About Mary Jackson

Trailer with interviews

Have more good sources? Add them in the comments and I’ll link them here.

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Math Teacher in Minneapolis, MN.

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